Bubble Gum - Pastels

Bubble Gum - Pastels

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Beautiful Pastels - an arrange of  pinks, creams, whites, blues, purples and lemon coloured flowers with beautiful textured greens

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This is such a  beautiful delicate bouquet.  Has a mixture of soft pinks, creams, lemons, whites and blues.  All flowers are in season and look so pretty together and finished with soft greens  using a variety of colours and textures.

Perfect gift for Birthdays, Welcome home, Thank you or just Thinking of You..

This is a great colour combination that will win all hearts over. 

When bright and bold are not  your type of flowers then this will certainly fill your need.

One of my personal favourites, come in and get yours today :) 

All presented lovely in soft florist wrap with matching bow.  A small card is included with your personalised message on it.